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Blossom End Rot…

  • "Blossom end rot" – Is the name of my mystery novel if I ever write it! Or, what I’ll put on my tombstone that I died of (Yes Mother, it will go out under the peppertree…) A few of my tomatoes have it but once it was cut away the tomatoes were delicious. This is due to uneven watering – I blame the dern’d water restrictions and summer heatwaves!
  • One of the fig tree cuttings is leafing out! Joy abounds. I am continuing to water all the fig "sticks" in case the others bud soon too…
  • My herb of the year 2009 Sweet Bay has had exponential growth this season -a month ago I was taller than the shrub & now it is much taller than I am. And I have been using it copiously for cooking and demonstrating since January. What a good herb!
  • "Heart of Gold" Rose and "Sunset Celebration" Roses looking good!
  • My Pop wanted a composter for his birthday in June, so I looked into it for him. I found out that his zip code qualified him for two at a reduced price from the local recycler. He ended up getting two, one for himself & one for me! I love his birthday when I get presents…. 


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