Ireland 2008

July 20th

"Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most"
Next, I miss my tri-focals. I didn’t lose my glasses in the lost sense, I still have them, or rather the pieces, but they broke on day 1 or 2 of this trip so they lost all usefulness and I miss them. I’ve been borrowing one of my Mother’s 3 pairs and they are so ugly I can’t see straight!
Speaking of missing things (besides tri-focals, Hubby, family, friends, pets and the fodderland)…
Oh my, I miss Starbucks!
I have been Starbuck free for 21 days. When school is over on friday, I am driving straight from Cork to Dublin and going to Starbucks by Trinity College and then I’ll resume the rest of my trip. Heads up Pop! When you pick up Mom and I at LAX at the end of the month drive straight to Starbucks…Please.
While on the subject…
I miss Avocados. Don’t miss salsa, because I have had great salsa’s a lot while here, even today, at Fishy Fishy Cafe in Kinsale with my kinda sorta fish and chips. I just really miss avo’s. A lot. Heads up David! Please buy some avocados soon to be ripening for when I get home. Thanks. And buy Lots! xoxo
I don’t miss t.v., radio or news. At all.   
Cheers, Missy O’Karen

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  • Karen

    (I have posted this comment i rec\’d via email here on Blondies behalf…)
    "I can\’t seem to hook up and sign up with MSN live so I can\’t post comments on your blog – have tried to all month.
    Just to let you know that I am grooving on your journal and have so enjoyed the pictures.,
    Many prayers being said and I really wish I was there. Too lovely to express.

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