Ireland 2008

driving Miss Mernie

I am going to be driving in Ireland AGAIN! This is my third trip to Ireland to attend cooking school (somebody noted that I must be a horrible student to need to go to school again…) And this will be my second time to drive there. It is different, to say the least, driving on the wrong side of the road from the wrong side of the car…
Only this time is different because I am not going to be driving an automatic transmission, I’m going manual – Talk about a Paradigm Shift!  My Mother is riding shotgun. Pray for her!
I don’t know where I found the picture above of the Irish road sign (I think this particular sign must be a joke…) but if driving there isn’t hard enough, they do have the most bizarre road signage. Still, off I go!
Hope to update you from the road (Yes, I am taking my cell phone and I will be talking while driving (…on the wrong side of the road from the wrong side of the car…)
Fair warning Ireland! – watch Out….’cause here comes England…    

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