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     Once again, little ole me, normally frightened of very little, certainly not frightened by speaking in front of huge crowds or jumping off tall trestles into murky ocean tides below, has come close to being struck by my worst nightmare, in fact my childhood re-occurring worst nightmare, a rattlesnake!
   I was visiting the local historic Adobe, walking with family & talking with the park Ranger & enjoying the Victorian Garden. The Garden Club to which I belong helped to plant this area of the Adobe, all in keeping with the history of the Rancho, when my Cousin saved me from a baby rattlesnake, coiled and shaking its silent rattle – the ubiqitious snake in the grass!
     This is one of several very close calls that I have had with baby rattlesnakes. Each time I have been wearing flip flops and shorts or cropped chinos with absolutely no protection against the snakes. Had I been struck, it would have struck skin. Who wants to wear leather boots and thick socks under heavy jeans to go for a stroll with family on a hot day or to do laundry at home? Not me. But apparently I better start suiting up for everyday life!
     I thank God my Cousin saved me today. I’d rather wear flip-flops and shorts and just keep her with me as protection and forget the the boots, socks and jeans. But she’s not always available. So suit up it is. I feel like the little brother in the movie "A Christmas Story" just in a twisted July version.

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