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I need a photo to practice embedding my brand/blog link for “school”.  Some of you may be aware that I’m training to be a Social Media Manager professionally and I refer to my private coach as my teacher and to the training that I’m receiving as school. My teacher has given me homework to add a consistent brand/blog presence across the full spectrum of my personal social media. Sound easy? Well, it would be if I had a brand. Oh. And a logo. Thankfully, at least I have a tag line!

So. for expediency, I’m going with https://edgehillherbfarm.blog as my brand and in order to do my home work, I have made a quick logo to splash all over social media as a place keeper for when I get a real logo later on. I am practicing embedding links in this thing in the hopes that, if I were ever given a grade in this school, I will get an A++ and graduate Magnum cum laude.

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