The Ernie Project

The Ernie Project no. 4

(From binder number two…)

Original publication date: 25 Jan 87

Hello from the Pastor (by Reverend Ernest Richter)


I’d say that the creation of the world was a pretty big project. I can’t think of anything bigger. And it would seem that a project of such overwhelming magnitude would give any number of sleepless nights to the project manager. The logistics being of ulcerative dimensions.

It makes one wonder how such a monumental task can ever get done. How did the creator do it? Maybe we can learn something from his methods, seeing that he did the job in six days without having a nervous breakdown or a coronary.

The first thing I notice is that he had a general, overall plan. It was comprehensive but it was simple. The whole plan could be stated in a very few words. If he had written it out it might have looked like this. “I’m going to create out of nothing a universe consisting of all the heavens and the earth.” I know that sounds deceptively simple,  but sometimes simplicity is necessary in very complex situations. And after all, when the project was complete he summarized it in similar words: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” I believe anybody can understand that! 

But he also had a detailed plan. A step by step, piece by piece out working of the general plan. He took the overall project and broke it down into six manageable parts. The more basic parts were done first and the others followed. And he didn’t try to do part five before part two. Everything was done decently and in order. One step at a time. 

Then he evaluated his work as he went along. He wasn’t content until he could say “that’s good!” When one part was good he went on to the next. Then as he saw the whole thing taking shape just as he planned he could even say “that’s very good!” And so he worked step by step, piece by piece, until the whole job was done. At that point he didn’t collapse in a heap as we might expect, or disintegrate in a psychic shambles. No! He rested. And that, of course, is the important last step in any good plan! (-The End)

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