Rain in May ~ there is no greater garden joy for parched Southern California gardens and gardeners. My hubby installed rain chains at the corners of our home as a part of the gutters and they are the best water feature ever! In the rain I can watch and listen to them for hours. 

thoughts on remodeling and wildfires

We have been remodeling our circa 1952 house, for over 5 years now and we are close to being done with this phase (I can’t even think about starting the next phase, that’s how tired I am of this whole ordeal). I have been living and working in the house during this whole process (my hubby has too, but he gets […]

I’m published!

Well friends, it happened – finally, I’m published. Not self-published, but paid & published by a periodical. I have had journal articles published before but I was not paid for them, so, to my mind, they don’t count. I have been trying to get published for over a year and I admit I was starting to […]


     Once again, little ole me, normally frightened of very little, certainly not frightened by speaking in front of huge crowds or jumping off tall trestles into murky ocean tides below, has come close to being struck by my worst nightmare, in fact my childhood re-occurring worst nightmare, a rattlesnake!    I was visiting the local […]