Home Sweet Home

Yep, I’m home. A month is a long time to be away. I am not really sure where I am yet, I am disoriented, probably the adjustment to the 8 hour time difference and the whole "wrong side of the road, wrong side of the car" driving I did. I was going to acclimate to being home by doing laundry yesterday but the water was off all day due to City Irritation (oops, I mean Irrigation, of course) Department’s continual work on our street. I couldn’t do the dishes (Yes, I do my dishes in the tub still. Just in case you are wondering how the remodel progressed in my absence) or water the yard either. So, I did the paperwork thing instead, sorting through the pile of mail, paying bills, scheduling appointments, etc… That took forever because my computer was in need of every kind of update known to cyberman after being off for 30 days. So, while I had the computer on what seemed like auto-restarting, I went to the grocery to restock the larder and got my bangs trimmed so that at least my hair would be washed. I wanted to download all the Ireland pictures from my cameras but that will have to wait ’til I have some time this weekend and then I’ll post some more pictures. I promise. 
Still, I am very, and I mean very, happy to be home.  


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