1-4-07 reblog

Of all the currently popular re-words… words such as, reuse, repurpose, recycle, responsible, reduce, renew, etc… the re-word I am currently struggling with is remodel!

If you, dear reader, are considering doing this to your abode, I have a re- word for you – "reconsider"! I repeat, "Reconsider"!

Years ago, a friend once told me that her home repairs/ renovations (notice these are re-words) always took twice as long as her (former) hubby stated and three times as much money.  I recall this conversation daily.

More recently, another friend, gave me & my stressed out spouse some remodeling advice, he said "relax"! If only he’d said how…


here are some re-words i didn’t use in this piece and thought of later, after posting… be sure to send me some more…

  • resource
  • retire
  • remind
  • revamp
  • relieve
  • remiss
  • retort
  • restore

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