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Dumb, bad kitty newsletter

(This was sent out as an email to a lucky [?] few, then copy/blogged here)

Hi to one and all!

It is Halloween and thyme once again for me to send out, what has become, my traditional non herbal newsletter about my two felines (mostly)(Non herbal that is, except for the fact that the cats are named Parsley & Sage – that’s about as herbal as this thing gets). This newsletter started as joke several years ago, so that I could practice & learn how to write & send newsletters for the web business I was starting. I sent the email out to my family and a couple of friends. Much to my dismay, they all signed up for it! Who in their right mind wants to get a "Dumb, bad kitty Newsletter"? Even worse, they were all bummed when they realized it wasn’t real. So every year, on halloween, I send this consolation silliness to appease them.

I send you Greetings from the Edgehill Herb Farm Dumb, Bad Kitties.

Just this week, I have gotten word from Norway that the kits have been on my computer a lot lately. Not just laying on it, which they are wont to do, but, apparently, surfing the web while I am sleeping (this is why my friends in Norway are aware that something is up  – the time difference alerted them. They know me, quite well, and know it cannot be me on the computer, they are sure that I am asleep and they are correct). I checked my internet history and sure enough the kitties have been googling the following sites: Cat Stevens, Cat Ballou, Cat Walk, Kit Cat, Cat Nap, Catapult, Caterwaul, caterpillar, catfish, etc… Thank goodness I took away their credit card! ( it was with "Kitty Bank", dontcha know!)

We, here at the farm, have other pets besides the two cats, we also have a magnificent collie dog named "Windsor", a dung beetle named "Peaches", a lizard named "Bennet", a frog named "Prince" and a bunny named "Dust". The most recent acquisition is a Moose named "Ernie".  

BTW – These are all old pictures (I think) except the moose.

Boo to you, Karen

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