The “Herbs Make The Difference” Podcast Is Here!

Edgehill Herb Farm’s Herbs Make The Difference Podcast Is Here! Herbs Make The Difference -The Rose Is An Herb -Segment 1 -Permaculture Plant Guilds Hosted by Karen England. SEGMENT ONE: Guest Mary ‘Klibs’ Dralle – The Rose Is An Herb – Permaculture Plant Guilds Mary ‘Klibs’ Dralle is a Certified Permaculture Designer, owner and operator ofContinue reading “The “Herbs Make The Difference” Podcast Is Here!”

DAILY FLOWER: Berries & Cream Rose

By Karen England, the Edgehill Herb Farmer. “The flowers bow their headsThe sun she blushesAnd she turns redLeaves are begging trees to be shedTo fall beside youWords are shamed to be saidAnd lips are craving to be fedButter’s not good enough for breadWhen you come through I smelled your breath and it wasSweet as berriesContinue reading “DAILY FLOWER: Berries & Cream Rose”

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