PIckleweed and Pickle Puss

 Well, today is done. Praise God! Here is some advice for all you bloggers – Never think that you have seen it all. I make this mistake all the thyme and today was no exception. Today was my first day back at the Lavender Fields in Valley Center for the 2008 harvest season where I am a docent to (literally)Continue reading “PIckleweed and Pickle Puss”

“…first, pet a bee…”

     I am preparing for the ’07 Lavender Fields festival this weekend and I am looking forward to starting my "cooking with lavender" demonstrations saying "first, pet a bee…" Doing this reminds me of the way all gypsy recipes start (or so i’m told) "First, steal a chicken…"      Where else can a gal wander into anContinue reading ““…first, pet a bee…””

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