The Ernie Project no. 10

     By way of explanation, “The Ernie Project” is where I am publishing on my blog a series called “Hello from the Pastor” that my father, Ernie, wrote each week for the Sunday bulletins of the small church where he was the senior pastor for many years. When my father died in 2012 IContinue reading “The Ernie Project no. 10”

The Ernie Project no. 9

The Ernie Project no. 9 From binder no. 2 dated: 17 Jan 88 Hello from the Pastor! WHY ME, LORD!?      If you were a whiner like me you would be very familiar with the whiner’s favorite phrase, “why me!?”  It’s always delivered in a somewhat nasal, high-pitched, peevish way, as if one wereContinue reading “The Ernie Project no. 9”

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