Cocktail of the Weekend – Whiskey Sour

I wanted to try my homemade brandied cherries. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it! Ball Jars – Cute Green Color I know I could just try one of the cherries. I started them on July 10th, and I could just eat one today and then say to myself “hey, that’s great” or “hey,Continue reading “Cocktail of the Weekend – Whiskey Sour”

Cocktail of the Weekend: Scotch Dram

My version of the ‘Scotch Dram’ by Phil Ward, 2008 as found in Death & Co, Modern Classic Cocktails, by David Kaplan, 2014, Ten Speed Press. The original recipe goes (with parentheses to explain what I did): 2 ounces Compass Box Asyla Scotch (note: I did not have Compass Box anything, let alone Asyla, soContinue reading “Cocktail of the Weekend: Scotch Dram”

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