GINGER! Herb of the Year Book 2023


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The tropical plant known as Ginger, Zingiber officinale, has been cultivated and used by humans since antiquity.  As one of the exotic and mysterious spices, ginger inspired world trade and exploration.  It has had great ceremonial and spiritual significance for ancient peoples as well as medicinal and culinary uses.  Contemporary scientific studies have proven its effectiveness as a remedy for many ailments.  Today ginger is grown in the tropics of the world and is a much-loved ingredient in cuisines all over the globe.

The International Herb Association’s selection of Ginger as Herb of the Year 2023 TM provides a wonderful opportunity for study and appreciation of this rhizomatous herb. Contributions from over twenty herbal experts include recipes for delicious beverages, main dishes, condiments desserts and beauty preparations.  In-depth articles on the medicinal uses verify how valuable this plant cab be in improving our health.  Other topics include ginger in lore and literature, and natural history of ginger.  Best of all, anyone with the desire and horticultural knowledge presented in this book can grow it themselves!


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