Celebrate Rose! Rose Herb of the Year 2012


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Celebrate Rose!

“Everything is coming up roses” in this collections featuring the world’s most beloved bloom.  This plant has been revered since antiquity, lauded in literature, its virtues used in numerous ways: to anoint and perfume, sooth and heal, and even seduce.  Rose, Herb of the Year 2012 is brimming with facts on every facet of the flower from fragrance and flavor, botany and cultivation, lore and history to favorites, fun facts, poetry, crafts, medicinal information, not t mention recipes for the kitchen, bath and boudoir, and apothecary!

This compilation is written by more than 25 contributors–experts, members, as well as friends of IHA–and contains over 30 articles, in addition to photographs and illustrations from a dozen artists.


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