Amazing Agastache! Agastache Herb of the Year 2019


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Amazing Agastache!
Anise Hyssop

Agastache, the 2019 Herb of the Year, is actually comprised of several distinctive herbs including anise hyssop, hummingbird mint, and Korean mint.  Their licorice- and /or mint-flavored leaves and flowers make delicious teas and pollinators love their nectar all season long.  Long-lasting blooms range from lavender-blue to fiery orange, sunny yellow, and stunning magenta

This one-of-a-kind compilation on amazing Agastaches contains all aspects of the genus, from botany and cultivation to personal experience, science, and practical usage  from IHA members and friends.  Become inspired by delicious recipes using Agastache leaves and flowers, both fresh and and dried, in traditional and innovative ways in the kitchen, bath and apothecary, and the craft workshop.

This compendium is written by experts in many areas of herbal expertise and features over 25 articles, poetry, both color and black-and-white photographs, and illustrations.  Join us as we explore this little known plants whose fragrance, dependability and scent earn it a place in our hearts and gardens.


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