Karen & Prayin’ – My new Blog – Prayer Ministry

     I have started a new blog and it is the formal beginning of my prayer ministry. You do not have to be a believer to request prayer but it will definitely help if you want to pray too! Don’t know if you are a believer? Please email me and we’ll talk. karen@edgehillherbfarm.com   http://karensprayerministry.blogspot.com/Continue reading “Karen & Prayin’ – My new Blog – Prayer Ministry”

Inaugural Bloomsday entry

My friend, a gardener extraordinaire & artist, periodically sends out an email with a collage of flower photos she has taken that day. It is called "what’s in bloom in my yard today" and it is always awe-inspiring. Well, I am not an artist and making a collage is beyond my skills but taking pictures is not.Continue reading “Inaugural Bloomsday entry”

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