thoughts on remodeling and wildfires

We have been remodeling our circa 1952 house, for over 5 years now and we are close to being done with this phase (I can’t even think about starting the next phase, that’s how tired I am of this whole ordeal). I have been living and working in the house during this whole process (my hubby has too, but he gets to leave and go away to work, so in my opinion it is different for him…) and last Monday the roofers came to start reroofing our house. Also, last Monday fires were breaking out all around the county. My hubby asked the roofing company Monday morning, before the existing roof was removed, if they were sure they wanted to start, knowing full well that fires were raging in towns near & around us. They were sure and got busy. By noon I could see the sky from my hallway. By 3 pm the roofers were gone…as they were being evacuated from their homes in Fallbrook because of the Rice fire. By 5 pm I had ash raining down through my roofless roof into my home. I sure was missing my old junky roof.

When the dust (ok, ash) settled, the fires did not come near enough for me to have to evacuate and the roofers found their places intact when they were finally let back in their homes. We were blessed.  As I watched the news and received emails from friends I became aware that others had not fared as well. The sad losses of others sure changed my outlook. At least, I still have my home, and by tomorrow it will have a roof again. Now I will probably miss the sky view from the hall… My heart goes out to all who lost their homes, especially my friend Teri.